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Fiduciam Financial Planning can advise clients on how to get the absolute most from their savings. While savings accounts with banks are convenient for short term saving goals, the relatively low-interest rate offered by most financial institutions means they aren’t appropriate for long term saving.


Fiduciam Financial Planning help our clients get the absolute most from their savings. While the low-interest rates of savings accounts mean your saved money decreases in value due to inflation, a carefully chosen investment will help a nest egg grow and mature.


Whether you are saving for a child’s third-level education, a second home or just for extra money in your retirement, we help put in place a saving plan that suits your unique requirements.

For additional information on how we can create a savings plan designed around your requirements, get in contact with Fiduciam Financial Planning today.

Savings FAQ

Why should I invest my money rather than just putting it into a savings account?

While it can seem on a surface level that putting money into a savings account makes good financial sense over the long term this can actually lead to a person losing money.

Unfortunately, the low-interest rates of savings accounts rarely keep up with inflation. Therefore due to increasing inflation, the money you have been savings loses its value. With this in mind, it’s always better to look at investment savings to ensure your money is growing in value rather than decreasing.

I’m really not comfortable with risk. Is investing right for me?

All investments carry a degree of risk but some of this risk is quite low and even the most risk-averse person may be comfortable with some of the investment packages we can offer. Even if you aren’t comfortable with any type of risk, we still recommend scheduling a consultation with our financial advisor who can discuss what risk in an investment sense really means.

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