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We make pension planning easy. To speak to our pension brokers, please contact our offices today.

Financial Service

Financial Service

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Fiduciam Financial Planning offers the very best pension advice and recommendations. We make planning for your retirement easy and stress-free.


Putting money into a pension scheme is one of the most fundamental areas of good financial planning. Our pension brokers advise on what kind of pension scheme you should be paying into and also advise on how much you should be spending to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement.


A good pension plan should be designed around protecting a person’s financial stability when they retire from work. Unfortunately, if your pension doesn’t cover the entirety of your post-work lifestyle it can undermine your quality of life.


Make sure your pension plan is right for your current lifestyle by speaking to our highly experienced pension brokers today.

To schedule a consultation with a pension advisor, please get in contact with our Dublin financial planning offices today.

Pensions FAQ

With a private pension can I also get the state pension?

In short yes, you can access both the state pension and your private pension. However, you may only access the state pension if you have made appropriate PRSI contributions throughout your working life.

How much should I be paying into my Pension?

This really depends on your lifestyle and age. Our pension brokers can work out the exact amount you should be contributing to your pension. However, as a very rough guide, some recommend adding a percentage contribution that’s equal to half your age. For example, if you are 30 years old, 15% of your salary should go to your pension, etc. This percentage roughly matches the amount of tax relief, revenue will grant you on these contributions.

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