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Holiday Home Loans


Fiduciam Financial Planning can help clients with holiday home loans. Whether you’re in the market for a second home or a holiday-let mortgage, our expert mortgage brokers can offer you the assistance and lender recommendations that you need. When considering a holiday home loan, you the buyer fall into one of two categories. If your holiday home is strictly for personal use, the loan acts as a second home loan. However, if you’re going to let your holiday home out, the loan more closely resembles a buy to let loan.

Whatever your needs, we can help you find the very best mortgage for your holiday home requirements.

We are available for consultations on both holiday home loans and holiday let mortgages, to schedule a meeting please contact our Dublin m ortgage brokerage today.

Holiday Home Mortgage FAQ

What’s the difference between a holiday home loan and a holiday let mortgage?

A holiday let mortgage is a mortgage for individuals looking to purchase a holiday home they intend to let out to tourists on a short-term basis.

A holiday home loan on the other hand is essentially a second home loan.

These types of loans are priced differently and clients need to meet different conditions to apply for a holiday let mortgage or a holiday home mortgage. Our mortgage brokers can talk you through the process and conditions for both these types of mortgages.

How do I schedule a consultation on holiday home loans with Fiduciam Financial Planning?

We make it easy to schedule a consultation. Please get in contact with our offices directly. Our brokers will organise a time that suits your schedule.

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