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Home Loans


With over 50 years' of specialist experience in the financial industry, Fiduciam Financial Planning are a fully independent mortgage brokers that scour the entire market to get clients the very best mortgage rates and conditions for their unique needs.


We concentrate on demystifying the financial industry. We use plain English to explain the various different terms and conditions associated with different lenders and make recommendations on what the right home loan is for you.


We sell a service, not a financial product, meaning we’re available throughout the entire home buying journey and can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Looking for a first time mortgage or a non-first time buyer mortgage? Please contact our financial services offices in Dublin for straight-talking home loan advice.

Home Loans FAQ

What kind of home loans can Fiduciam Financial Planning help me with?

We have decades of experience inside Ireland’s financial industry. Therefore we have a wide overview of all the major lenders and what kind of mortgages they specialise in. Our mortgage brokers can help you achieve any type of home loan including:

  • First Time Buyer Mortgage
  • Non-First Time Buyer Mortgage
  • Self-build mortgages

As mortgage advisors, we can make recommendations on what’s the best loan rates for your unique circumstances.

What is the maximum home loan I can expect to get?

While a multitude of factors can affect how much you can expect to borrow, the two major factors are the loan to value rate and the loan to income rate.

Loan to value refers to the ratio between the amount borrowed and the value of the property. The higher the loan to value the higher the perceived risk to the lender.

The Loan to income rate is how much you earn annually compared to the price of the property. The central bank generally caps loads at 3.5 times the gross annual income of the borrower.

For example, if the combined income of a household is €100,000, you can borrow up to a maximum of €300,000.

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