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Mortgage Protection

Fiduciam Financial Planning can offer expert advice on mortgage protection and life insurance packages. With over 50 years' of experience in the Irish financial industry, we provide the very best advice and help clients get, not only the best financial life insurance but the right mortgage protection for their unique requirements.


Mortgage protection is exactly what it sounds like. In the event of a passing, a family isn’t left with the burden of paying off the rest of an outstanding mortgage. The mortgage protection insurance takes care of that.


Unlike some other types of insurance like life insurance, mortgage protection insurance is mandatory when applying for a mortgage.


As both mortgage brokers and mortgage protection insurance experts, we can advise and help a client get the best mortgage protection plan for their unique needs.

Fiducium Financial Planning

For the best in mortgage protection & life insurance advice and recommendations, contact Fiduciam Financial Planning today.

Financial Service

Financial Service

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For more information on mortgage protection or life insurance please contact our Dublin mortgage protection offices today.

Mortgage Protection FAQ

What’s the difference between life insurance and mortgage protection?

People often confuse life insurance and mortgage protection. It’s an incredibly easy mistake to make. While mortgage protection is a life policy, it is not life insurance.

The difference is when a mortgage protection policy holder passes away the mortgage protection policy clears their mortgage debt with the bank.

Life insurance on the other hand is paid out in a lump sum after the policyholder passes away. This lump sum can be left to whomever the policyholder chooses.

Is mortgage protection mandatory?

Yes, when applying for a mortgage, a lender will insist that you have mortgage protection in place before approving your mortgage.

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