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For the best in professional employee benefit schemes advice and recommendations, get in contact with Fiduciam Financial Planning today.

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Financial Service

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In an increasingly competitive hiring and employee retention environment, Employee Benefit Schemes can help an employer put in place attractive benefit schemes. Fiduciam Financial Planning can advise and help create a compelling benefit package.

Not sure what the right employee benefits scheme is for your company? Please schedule a consultation with our experts. We can advise and make recommendations on what the right type of benefits scheme is for your business.

Our employee benefit scheme experts can help advise on:

Employee Pensions or Group Pension Scheme

Group Disability Schemes

Group medical Schemes

Group Dental Schemes

Critical Illness Cover

Approved Retirements Funds

Self-Administered Schemes

Personal Retirement Bonds

For more information on our extensive range of employee benefit schemes, contact our experts today.

Employee Benefit Schemes FAQ

What does serious illness insurance cover?

Serious illness cover is designed to pay out if you’re diagnosed with a life-threatening illness like cancer or suffer a serious medical event like a stroke or a heart attack? Serious illness cover is most often purchased in conjunction with another insurance policy. Some of the more popular combinations include life and serious illness cover or mortgage protection and serious illness cover.

What illnesses does serious illness insurance cover?

Different policies cover different illnesses. This is why speaking to a broker is so important. With Fiduciam Financial Planning we look at each policy in detail and can explain what exactly you’re covered for. We can also recommend the right serious illness insurance for your requirements.

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