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Income Protection

Interested in income protection insurance? Fiduciam Financial Planning makes sure our clients get the right salary protection insurance quotes for their needs.


Income protection is a form of financial support paid out over a set term. To put it simply, income protection can cover part of your salary when you can’t work due to an injury or an illness.


Salary protection lets you keep your current standard of living and protects your family in the event of a loss of income. There are numerous salary protection insurance types and a variety of conditions that can be written into the policy. Don’t worry, however, Fiduciam Financial Planning can advise on how to customise the right salary for your unique requirements.

Interested in an income protection quote? Contact our team at our salary protection insurance offices today.

Income Protection FAQ

What is a deferred period?

A deferred period is the length of time between you stopping work and the policy starting. Usually the longer the deferred period the cheaper your income protection insurance premiums are. We always recommend checking if your company offers a sick pay entitlement and only starting your salary protection after this sick pay entitlement has ended. This will ensure you keep your premiums at a manageable cost while still making sure you can cover your monthly expenses.

Can anybody get income protection in Ireland?

Most employed people can apply for income protection but some of the conditions include:

  • That the policy holder is employed for over 16 hours a week
  • Or, the policy Holder is self-employed
  • Certain jobs may also affect a person’s eligibility for income protection
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