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Residential Investments


Are you looking for your first home and don’t know where to start? Interested in expanding upon your investment portfolio but need advice on what kinds of properties you can comfortably afford?

Whatever your exact requirements, Fiduciam Financial Planning are available to cut through the jargon and explain the ins and outs of residential investment in plain, straightforward English.

From advising on the best mortgage rates to the best mortgage lenders, we work closely with our clients throughout the investment process.

Fiduciam Financial Planning has over 50 years' of combined experience, advising on the ever-changing and evolving Irish property market. While the property market and the Irish financial sector has certainly changed over 50 years, our commitment to making mortgages easy and stress-free remains the same.

We cut through the tricky financial jargon and explain all aspects of residential investment, giving our clients the knowledge to make the best choice possible.

To discuss residential investments with our mortgage brokers, get in contact with Fiduciam Financial Planning today.

Residential Investments FAQ

What kind of residential investments can Fiduciam Financial Planning advise on?

Our expertise extends to just about all types of residential investment mortgages. When you need help to buy we can advise on first-time mortgages, holiday home mortgages, second home mortgages, buy-to-let mortgages and self-build mortgages.

How much of a deposit do I need before applying for a mortgage?

This depends on the type of mortgage you’re looking for and on your circumstances. For example:

  • A first-time buyer would be required to have a deposit of 10% of the house’s value.
  • Non-first time buyer would need 20% of the property’s value
  • For a buy-to-let mortgage you would require 30% of the property’s value
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